Saturday MakerDay / Jan 20, 2018

Some scenes from last Saturday's MakerDay.  Steve, Jim, Claire, Mark, Sarah and yours truly in attendance (at one point, all at the same time!).  We had three visitors come by for "le grand tour" and to say "Hi."  The Bonds team showed up at Noon to liven up the atmosphere.  The spray paint fumes might have contributed to the festive atmosphere.  It was a great time.

Steve gets the King of Makers award.  Not only did he get the CNC router running, but he unclogged the 3-D printer nozzle and helped me with the messy glue-up for the crosscut jig.

We'll be back next Saturday.  Check out our Meetup page for details.

The BONDS team in action
Steve and Jim take a break from watching the CNC router do its thing
Home position for 1st test cut since the move!
Steve's curing tank, featuring UV LEDs.  The color is actually more purple than shown in this image.

You can get circular saw blades anywhere.  But you can't get DAYTON DIODE saw blades just anywhere!

One each for our table saw and miter saw.  Nothing beats a fresh, sharp blade.

REMINDER - Saturday Makerday starts at 10:00 AM tomorrow

I got to spend some time with two of my projects at the Diode yesterday.  Making bigger blocks of wood from smaller blocks of wood that started out as scarred, unsuitable-for-anything-but-the-fireplace planks of wood may seem like an exercise in futility.  Perhaps.  But I hope I can upcycle them into marking gauges.  So, yes, this is a means to an end.

The large cross cut sled for the Jet table saw is coming along nicely.  Steve and I trimmed and attached the runners last week.  We learned how an iron counterweight from an old fork lift could be useful in that regard.  This time I measured for the maximum height of a 10" saw blade and cut the back stop.  There was a slight bow across the long dimension, but with the aid of a long clamp and by attaching the screws from the middle out to the ends I was able to practically eliminate it.

Wood butchering continues tomorrow.  CYa at the Diode.