New Space Panoramas

Just to give you an idea of what our new L-shaped space looks like I made some panoramas using Hugin (with the autopano-sift-C plugin, very nice!) from photos I took on Sunday.
Fast Preview Showing the Image Placement
Stiched and blended pano showing the two branches of our L
(click for full size)
Notable features are the sink in the corner, sunlit windows (algae bioreactors anyone?), plenty of electrical outlets of various types, and the steam heat, which keeps things nice and toasty.
Full 360 Panorama
The left end of the panorama is pretty distorted because I was standing close to that wall.
Window Wall
Don't worry, Greg is already talking about new window treatments ; )


  1. Thanks. I just upgraded to the 2010.4 version of Hugin which has all of the google soc upgrades. This gives a full 6dof (roll,pitch,yaw,x,y,z) solution for each shot based on matching the features between shots, and by identifying features that are supposed to be horizontal and vertical you can fit a lens distortion model. Pretty sophisticated software; still learning how to use it.