4 Jan Meeting of Dayton Diode

We had our first meeting of Dayton Diode in our own space on the evening of 4 Jan 2011!

The minutes of the meeting are up on the wiki. Right now the group is focused on building up membership, and building up infrastructure (hardscape and the noosphere kind). If you know any handy, nerdy, artsy or even geeky folks who may be interested in joining a community workshop, point them our way. If you loosely resemble any of that description, then come on in, the Space is just fine.

You can go on over and see the Space today (Sat, 8 Jan) and sign up if you like. Joe will be there soldering LEDs and playing with an Adruino, and he's got all the paperwork. If you can't make it over, but you'd like to join then use the paypal links on the right and shoot me an email (jstults [at] daytondiode.org) and we'll get you keys to the space and the combo.

Come on Dayton: Ready, Set, Hack!

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  1. We've had several folks ask about donating stuff. Since we are a 501c(3) non-profit you can deduct any donations / contributions on your taxes. We will write you a receipt for your records. Let us know if you'd like to donate something you think a hackerspace could use, and it will help you out on your taxes too.