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When you click the links to from our site and buy something, Dayton Diode will get an advertising referral fee. It is usually just a few dollars (or a few nickels, depending on what you buy), but every little bit helps right now that we're starting up and burning rent in earnest. This is a great way for students who may not be able to swing the monthly dues to support the hackerspace. Buy your textbooks at Amazon using our affiliate links. Here's a couple additional categories of books that may interest our members and friends:
Amazon also has a tools section. Oftentimes you can find good deals on stuff that isn't carried by the local big boxes. They sell computers and electronics too. A pretty cool recent development from the perspective of a growing hackerspace is that Amazon just recently added to its affiliate program. SmallParts supplies all sorts of lab / industrial / scientific equipment. There are also little textbook banner adds on the right of the page and at the footer. Going to Amazon through these links will set a cookie on your browser that gives Dayton Diode credit for any subsequent purchases you might make. If you were going to get that new O'Reilly book anyway, why not take a second or two to make sure your hackerspace gets a little help on the rent?

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