Hackerspace + Space Shuttle Tile + Torch = Cool

Greg, Josh, and I conducted a little experiment at the space last night, and I just had to share. Enjoy.


  1. Probably can get a WAG on the 'too hot to read' side based on the color of the hot spot (it looked a little washed out on the video though, looked orange-er in real life). Greg, I'm sure you have plenty of time to do that calc now that you're writing like a maniac ; - )

  2. I once worked at a place that had a kitchen and cook associated with it. The cook wasn't any great shakes, and at times would make up some rolls or biscuits and over cook the hell out of them. She ended up killing their specific heat. Within moments of pulling them out of the oven you could pick them up bare handed, at least by the corners. They ended up being very much like space shuttle tiles. As a matter of fact that's what I named them.

  3. Too funny. Maybe she should send the recipe into NASA for evaluation as a new heat shield. ;)