Help teh H@x{ycl33ng Project

Dayton Diode is Hungry! Offer up your aluminum drink cans now or all your Front St are belong to us!

Recycling is boring, everybody does it. But you are not everybody. No, you are a hacker, or at least you've seen hackers (portrayed poorly) in movies. So you must H@x{ycl3. Instead of paying Waste Management or CoD to take all your empties from that LAN party, you should give them to your friendly hackerspace so they can turn them into machines. By the way n00b, l33t h4xors always rinse their cans before donating them.
This is yet another way (though we still really like the "pay your dues" way) for you to support your hackerspace: supply raw material. I plan on trying to get through the first two books of the Gingery series on building a metal working shop from scrap. Which, based on current budget office projections (a.k.a. Greg's spreadsheet), is the only way we'll be getting a metal working shop any time soon ; - )

I've built a small, shop-vac blown, charcoal-fired foundry before and melted drink cans (it's really pretty easy), but I haven't progressed to casting anything useful. The only artifacts I've managed are aluminum cylinders which look suspiciously like tin soup cans (we'll take those off your hands too, but really, rinse them).
Two bags of raw material and small melting pot with Al ingot inside
Since the charcoal fired furnace has been done plenty of times, we're going to put a bit of a technological twist on the Dayton Diode version. The wiki project page will be the place to find those details as they develop. If you are interested in helping with this project shoot me an email (jstults [at]

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  1. Yes! I'll go pickup all the beer cans someone keeps throwing in the fence row.