Setting up the space: Ideas for Work Benches

I have been reading a lot of Make Magazine lately, and came across a couple of good ideas for work benches I wanted to share. First, is a medium size work bench for larger projects or groups working together. It is from an article in issue 23. This work bench is built from half of a 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood, so it makes sense to build two at a time. The required materials for two are:
  • 12 2"x4"x8' studs (@ $2.89 each at Lowes)
  • 4 4"x4"x8' (@ $9.06 each at Lowes)
  • 23/32"x4'x8' plywood (@ $27.97 each at Lowes)
  • Sheetrock screws (I may have left overs that would work, I still need to check)
Total cost for two work benches: $98.89 + tax or ~$50 each. I'd be happy to chip in $10-$15 and do the builds if everyone else would chip the same amount to fund these.

The second work bench idea I have seen is for a small electronics work bench. I found this idea in The Best of Make. The author actually recommends a solution based on Ikea parts (desktop and legs and maybe something else). Unfortunately, it looks like this product line has been discontinued. But the idea is still a pretty good one. It might be worth a trip down to Ikea to do some shopping for the current version of this product.

What do folks think?


  1. It might be worth checking out deconstruction depot to see if we can find some cheap materials that could be re-purposed as work benches.

  2. That looks like a cool place. We should do a Dayton Diode field trip there some time. In terms of these benches, I'd prefer to follow the drawings from Make. They look sturdy, affordable, and easy to build.

  3. By hook or by crook, we need workbenches, so I'm in for $20.