Diode Does Behind the Scenes

Our trip to the museum.

J-58 Oil System: Beating Heart of the SR-71
Towering Foxbat Inlet (intended for SR-71 intercepts)
A face only diode could love
Titan IV parts waiting for display
Nice Sight!
Of course there's much more to the restoration hangar than these few pictures. There's lots of work and tooling going on that's of interest to custom fabricators. The processes needed to repair, remanufacture and refurbish old airplanes are very similar to things you might do in rapid prototyping. This is a custom, small-volume, precision fabrication shop.


  1. Budget Has Funds For Shuttle Transport To Ohio. The Columbus(OH) Dispatch (2/16, Torry, Nolan) reports that the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base may be favored to receive a retired shuttle because in the recently released 2012 budget, funds have been specified to transfer a shuttle to the National Museum of the US Air Force. "Although NASA Administrator Charles Bolden will make the final decision, the request...suggests that the White House and Air Force favor" the Ohio museum. The article notes, "If the Atlantis is donated to Wright-Patterson, it would be a major boost for the area."

  2. In the theme of rapid prototyping:
    It’s anybody’s guess what the lower limit of the OODA loop is. Not so long ago, 90-day product development cycles would have been considered an insane dream – but the rise of 3D printing and commodity SoCs might very well cut time to prototype much further. I can now imagine a handset designer with good CAD tools and a 3D printer producing a testable phone in a week.
    The Smartphone Wars