Educational Outreach

Need more members from these places.

8 minutes from Sinclair to Dayton Diode

10 minutes from UD to Dayton Diode

17 minutes from WSU to Dayton Diode

Maybe departments from these schools would sponsor students? If the student pays half the dues ($25), then the department could put up matching funds ($25). Or the other option which we've discussed but not decided on is a second tier membership level.


  1. Agreed. Well we definitely need to get in touch with people from each organization and start some dialog expressing how Dayton Diode can be a good educational tool for there institutions. And see if there is a way to at least get some advertisements on the campus'.

    Also some expanded outreach to AFIT, it seems like we have many students that are involved with Diode are from there.

  2. When can someone come and check things out? Is it only at the monthly meetings?

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    If you want to see the space shoot me an email (we don't keep regular hours), and we can set something up:
    joshua {dot} stults {at} gmail {dot} com

    We'd also love to see you at one of the meetings.