Lockers and Cart

Well, the second open house went well, sumobots wrestled, nooks were hacked, and Dayton Diode is coming up on 6 months of existence in its own space.

Coming next in our continuing series of infrastructure projects (part I, part II) is a set of large project lockers and a rolling cart. Our resident carpentry expert and our newest member are tackling this bit of hardscape for the hackerspace.

Please use the donation button in this post for your donation (we're shooting for $140).

Paypal will let us use a custom icon for the donation button, so if you've got some skills with Gimp or Inkscape (unfortunately mine are very marginal), leave a link to your idea for a custom Dayton Diode Donation button in the comments or on the email list. These buttons have a label for the particular project the donation goes towards (this one is "lockers and cart"), so it would be cool if the image was easily modifiable to include a visual clue to what project the button is towards.

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