Open Hours

As I announced on the list, Dayton Diode is now going to hold regular "open hours" on Saturday mornings. We decided to experiment with this at the business meeting last night (link to minutes will follow as soon as they are up on the wiki). This is to make the hackerspace available to non-members for meetings and projects on a reliable basis (of course membership gives you 24x7 access, subscribe with the paypal buttons on the right!).

We now have an Open Hours page on the wiki where members will sign up to open and close the hackerspace.

Some of us (J. and Josh) went to the Make:Dayton meetup last week, and the organizer mentioned that he was thinking of moving their monthly meetings to Saturday mornings, and that it would be somewhat oriented to younger makers. We of course offered to host them at our space on Front St, because this is a group of folks with common interests (mostly Arduino), and might provide some more "family friendly" goings-on at our hackerspace.

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