Come by and visit us for our October events

With the school year in full swing, Dayton Diode is once again running its regularly scheduled events. This month we have two great opportunities to come out and see the space and meet fellow makers/hackers/project builders.

The first opportunity is at Dayton's very own security summit, DAY-CON. Dayton Diode will have an exhibitor's table during the second day's Packet Wars invitational this Saturday (10/8/11) at the The Circus. We'll be bringing plenty of techie toys with us including Sumo Bots, Arduinos, DIY electronics, and candy. And if that was not enough, we will also be holding open hours back at the space, so people we meet at DAY-CON can swing by Dayton Diode to check us out in person. So, swing by and say hello.

The second opportunity is our October Open House. As always, it will be the third Saturday of the month, starting around noon and running until we can't hack anymore (often this means around midnight). As usual, the snacks will be potluck style (with the option of ordering a pizza should the need arise). Josh and I hope to get the aluminum furnace back up and running (at least partly). I haven't heard what else people will be working on, so leave a comment with the project(s) and food you plan to bring. And don't forget to RSVP on the MeetUp. See you all there.

1 comment:

  1. I am going to start a DIY Segway Stool project. Who wants to stand while there traveling! lol.

    I can bring some chips and salsa.