D8nDiode Printrbot

We passed the hat for a somewhat last minute sponsorship of the Printrbot kickstarter project (which raised over $800k!).

Printrbot Kickstarter Funding
Estimated delivery of our first 3D printer is Feb 2012. We got a $50 discount on our printer kit for sponsoring the project. The printer is a true RepRap, meaning it will be able to print a large fraction of its own parts. The retail price of the new printer at printrbot.com will be $549.

Printing more printers for the membership will probably be at the top of our priority list once the kit arrives. Stay tuned to the email list for updates.


  1. Sounds like you guys already bought in, but if you need anything printed or help getting things running let me know. We're out of Kettering: http://www.fabbr.com. Or send me a message @rplumley

  2. Rplumley, thanks for the offer of help. I think we'll probably have an "event" around printing parts for people once we get it. It would be great to have some more experienced folks come out and provide pointers (or trouble-shooting advice). Do you think we could come by and see your shop? We've done a couple tours of some local small manufacturers and those were lots of fun.

    Open3DP carries the story. This was the second-highest grossing kickstarter ever: $830,133.