Google Spaceship

This caught my eye on the Google front page.
J. and I met Michael Safyan of NASA Ames at the recent hackerSPACE conference down in Lexington. He's involved in the Phonesat project [video from Bay-area Maker Faire], which aims at "Using radio, processing power, sensors and cameras in smartphones for small satellites." [see 2011-2012 report]

NASA has already flown some little Nexus S smartphone based robots called SPHERES on the ISS. Hopefully, we'll see free-flying orbital smartphones soon too.


  1. BBC reports, from the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin: The project's organisers said the Hackerspace Global Grid will also involve developing a grid of ground stations to track and communicate with the satellites.
    "The first goal is an uncensorable internet in space. Let's take the internet out of the control of terrestrial entities," Mr Farr said.