January Open House

Prusa Mendel Parts
We just had a great Open House. Several prospective new members stopped by the space, and we had some folks involved in local small business / entrepreneurial developments stop by asking about future collaboration opportunities.

We worked on several of the projects that have been occupying the membership lately. J. and I spent some time working on improved construction concepts for Dante the Furnace.
Our newest member (who came to our first open house last year), Ryan, worked on setting up and long-range wifi link (using some of the high-gain antennas that Ken brought in).
Zarrsh showed off his ever-cool classic Nintendo with an Atom inside. Rockettman worked on putting together his Prusa Mendel.
It was a great Open House: progress on projects, and new prospects for growing Dayton Diode's involvement in local innovation.

DeWalt Angle Grinder: when that dinky Dremel just won't cut it