Dayton Gear

I had the opportunity to visit the Wright-Dunbar interpretive center last weekend. In the Wright cycle shop (one of five locations they used throughout their endeavors in printing and bicycle mechanical work) they have some interesting cycle gears hanging on the walls.
Segmented Dayton Gear Image
I thought that the Dayton Gear would make a neat shape for us to try in our lost foam casting process next time we fire up the furnace. I used the built-in edge detection capabilities of GIMP to segment the gear (foreground) from the wall (background). I'll be trying to generate some stl files for 3D printing purposes from the edges; feel free to use and mod the image for logo / marketing purposes (everything on this site is licensed CCBY, see the footer). Edge detection turns out to be a really useful thing since webcams are so cheap and widely available. It's even useful as a poor man's ADC.

Original Image w/bill for scale
See this interesting video on image processing with Python and OpenCV for backyard garden defense (some example edge detection results presented early in the talk):
Dayton Gear stl in Meshlab
Another Update:
Dayton Gear Printed by Our Friends at Fabbr


  1. I'd love to run a Dayton sprocket on my bike!

  2. Updated the post to include a screenshot of the Dayton gear stl in meshlab; also posted on thingiverse.

  3. Updated to include pic of printed Dayton Gear (scaled down).