May 2012 Open House

New shelves, and bot tracks, and Rockett's RepRap, oh my!

Thanks to Dan for dropping by with a pickup full of donations. Shelving has been near the top of our infrastructure improvement list for quite a while. He donated two large metal shelf units and a smaller wooden book shelf (which now hold Dayton Diode's growing technical reference library, most of which was also donated by Dan). We now have a bunch of metalworking books (if you've flipped through a Lindsay's catalog, you'll find many of the titles familiar).

I added a coat of Dayton Diode green paint to my ABS printed Dayton Gear.

Rockett and I poked power supply pins with a multi-meter in an effort to mod it as a RepRap power supply.

Joe 'Big Facman' McKibben directed Rockett and I in some shelf stuffing and space organizing: it's really nice to have more shelves for all of our parts.

Joe was working on reading measurements from a 3-axis accelerometer using an Arduino. Displayed the values on the serial terminal through the laptop. Next step is to use Processing and create a graphical way to view the data.

Ken worked on creating the Wireless hotspot signal booster using parts from an Erector set. Testing of signal strengthening with a cell phone didn't show any strong results.

Further work was done on organizing the electrical area.

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