3D Printing Price Comparison Services

Mini-Estes Rocket printed by Fabbr
One of the recent MakerPro Newsletters had some coverage of a couple 3D printing price comparison or service discovery sites. For members and friends of Dayton Diode, using our printrbot, sweet talking Rocket to use his Prusa, or buying a part from our local 3d print friends at Fabbr is still probably your best bet towards a plastic part on the quick and on the cheap.
For more emerging options...
  • MakeXYZ: get your designs printed by a maker or print shop in your neighborhood
  • 3D Printing Price Check: Compare 3D printing prices across 140 materials from eight vendors (and counting)
  • SupplyBetter: Comparison shopping for 3D printing. Know your options. Get cheaper parts.
For larger orders there is RedEye on Demand, and while not 3D printing per se, sites like FirstCutCNC (3-axis machining) and MFG.com (many types of suppliers) are also options to get your parts fabricated.

I tried this part that I used as a test part on Shapeways. I was not able to load the part on the 3dprintingpricecheck site (using an up to date Firefox on Fedora). I did successfully load it to the SupplyBetter site (which also involves creating a user account). This site actually goes out and gets quotes from suppliers, so getting the price is not instantaneous like Shapeways or RedEye. I do recognize some local suppliers in the profiles on SupplyBetter: MorrisTech and Bastech. Any others?

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