Retail 3D Printing Comes to Dayton

Dayton now has a retail 3D printing location. Rapid Directions opened their second retail 3D printing location here on North Dixie drive. Needless to say I was pretty excited to stop by and check it out (and pick up a spool of ABS since we're running low in the space).

Makerbot 2X
They have a variety of printers on display actively cranking out parts. One of the most interesting things they have set up is a 3D scanning room. Step into the photo booth of the future... today! They are offering a variety of items that are customized by using your personal scan, or you can simply get your own little statuette of yourself or loved ones.
3D Scan Room
Customized 3D-Scan Items
They also have a "Creation Station" with modeling and slicing software available to try out. Since many of the printers they sell come with their own custom software you are able to try it out before you buy.
As you would expect from these commercial printers, the quality of parts is pretty impressive. I like our little printrbot, but the Afinia they had was making some awfully nice parts!
Afinia 3D Printer

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