Moving Day Recap

As Ken B. observed recently, it seems like we never did fully unpack from our last move. Yet here we are, sifting & sorting & packing and moving our stuff for the second time in as many years.

Many hands were on deck to make this move a resounding success: Brian C., Rick B., Joe McK., Steve, JJ, Ken B. and Andrew. In our favor - the freight elevator worked, Andrew's box truck, the fork-lift back at the Milburn location, and the combined energy from all involved.

The rain wasn't much of a factor, at least until around 5:00 pm. Word is someone lost control of their car on east Third Street and struck a utility pole. It knocked out the power at the Front Street complex and a good chunk of the St. Anne's Hill neighborhood. Thankfully, by then we had completed about 95% of the move. (Also thankfully, no one was on the elevator when the power went out.) The surviving members of the crew reported to Tank's Bar & Grill for a post-move celebration.

Click on the post to see more pictures from the move.

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