REMINDER - Saturday Makerday starts at 10:00 AM tomorrow

I got to spend some time with two of my projects at the Diode yesterday.  Making bigger blocks of wood from smaller blocks of wood that started out as scarred, unsuitable-for-anything-but-the-fireplace planks of wood may seem like an exercise in futility.  Perhaps.  But I hope I can upcycle them into marking gauges.  So, yes, this is a means to an end.

The large cross cut sled for the Jet table saw is coming along nicely.  Steve and I trimmed and attached the runners last week.  We learned how an iron counterweight from an old fork lift could be useful in that regard.  This time I measured for the maximum height of a 10" saw blade and cut the back stop.  There was a slight bow across the long dimension, but with the aid of a long clamp and by attaching the screws from the middle out to the ends I was able to practically eliminate it.

Wood butchering continues tomorrow.  CYa at the Diode.

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