Saturday Makerday - 10 February 2018

The new "dirty area" layout is pretty much in its final form.  Got the fire extinguisher hung.  Need to properly sign it.  And whip up the restraints for the argon gas bottles.  And electrical service...

Your MoP (minister of propaganda) is short on words here.  I'm prepping for the MMM later today as I listen to tunes courtesy of the world's biggest jukebox (yOUtUBE).  Enjoy the pics.

We have a problem here.
So, sitting behind the drama-laden CNC mill was this director's chair.  All folded-up, it looked pretty nice.  Unfolded... well...

Dammit white balance algorithm!  The mallet is orange, not pink.
Del doing me a favor by removing the rails for the crosscut sled.  New rails to be drawn from a large sheet of polycarbonate.  Can I recover from my mistake and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

Let see if we can restore this to its proper glory
Steve versus Router
Megan watches as Del draws a spoon from a blank.  That's Bolivian coffee wood being crafted.  The BONDS kids can thank us for the sharp blade we installed onto the bandsaw.
Jesse fixed X-Y plotter cable issue borrowing from the work of remote-controlled model aircraft makers.  Now we gotta come up with acceptable plotter pen substitutes.

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