To Join Dayton Diode

If you are interested in possibly becoming a member! First, Attend a meeting. You'll have fun, learn something, meet like-minded folks, and then we'll take care of any questions you have and get the paperwork details taken care of if you would like to take the next step towards membership.

If you do, you have these following options:

Membership Levels

  • Full: $50/month, full access to the space and full consensus participation in group decisions
  • 2600: $26/month + sweat equity, full access to the space and full consensus participation in group decisions. Sweat Equity refers to some sort of volunteering that you present to the group. Such as hosting open hours or some special skill such as IT work or Grant writing.

Membership Benefits

The details of membership benefits and responsibilities are found in the Membership Agreement. Members pay $50/month dues which covers rent on the space, and large tool purchases. Members get keys and a combo for 24x7 access to the Makerspace. Prospective members need to fill out an application and sign the liability release form.


Once you have attended your first meeting and filled out all the paper work you can use the following form to setup a monthly recurring payment of your dues through Paypal. If you do not wish to pay electronically you can pay through cash or check in person at a meeting. Once your payment has been received you are officially a member of Dayton Diode!

$50 if paid by cash or check

Contact us about corporate membership and marketing opportunities.